Steel Series Product Line Review

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I will admit that I am a PC gamer and I have been really hard on my gear. In the past three months I have gone through at least three mice that claimed to be gaming mice. However, these mice were poorly designed and either the scroll wheel broke or something else happened as to where it didn’t work right. There is a company called Steel Series that makes great gear for PC gamers that blends in style with performance. Here is a review of three of their core products that no PC gamer can be without.


Apex [Raw]: Some people think that it doesn’t matter what keyboard that you use and those are the folks that get dominated in online death matches. The Apex [Raw] is a cutting edge keyboard that has some options that will help you excel in gaming. This is backed by the Steel Series engine which allows you create profiles on various games with the greatest of ease. The Apex [Raw] also has eight various illumination levels, bumps above the W key which allows for better return to the WASD configuration and integrated media keys. This is a great keyboard to have in your corner instead of pulling some random piece of garbage off the shelf.


Sensei [Raw]: A gamer is only as good as his equipment and you will need a good mouse to compete with the best. The Sensei is a great mouse that will bring the pain to your enemies either online or off. This is the ONLY mouse that has a 32 bit ARM processor and the reason for this processor is it does all the calculations on the chip and not the PC. So you can just take this mouse out of the box, plug it in your system and you are ready to go! With added features such as eight buttons, various illumination options and better tracking this is the weapon that you will want in your arsenal.


5HV3: One of the key points of any gaming experience is great sound and that is where this headset excels where others fail.  First this noise cancelling headset so you will notice the difference once you put these on. Next they are extremely comfortable as I sat down for a five hour gaming session on my laptop and I could have gone another ten hours. But the one thing that separates these headphones from the rest is the microphone. Not only do you get clear sound from it but it retracts into the headset when it is not in use. Add that it breaks down in three pieces for easy transport and you have some of the most affordable, stylish and cool headsets out there to date.


If you love to game on the PC this is the gear to get as it is reliable, affordable and stylish. For more information on these products and other gear that they sell go and get ready to game.

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