The 9 Best Moments from the 2015 Oscars

It will take a few hours for it to all sink in, but this year’s Oscars ceremony (like every year in recent memory) felt like a bit of a marathon. Why they keep trying to stretch an hour-long program into one that spans generations is anyone’s guess, but at the very least we got these 9 moments that we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

1. J.K. Simmons reminding us to call our parents.

Also, a super, super well-deserved Oscar win. Whiplash was pretty much the best.

2. Chris Pine shedding one solitary tear.


Totally justified though, John Legend and Common were incredible tonight.

3. Benedict Cumberbatch making faces all night.

Doctor Strange everyone:



4. John Travolta being so, so creepy.


John Travolta almost redeemed himself for last year’s Adele Dazeem flub… until he decided to take things a little bit too far.

That wasn’t all though, Uncle Johnny couldn’t even wait to get into the ceremony before he got started creeping people out.


Next year, let’s just go with a “no touching” rule shall we?

5. Lady Gaga absolutely killing it.

Proving once and for all that she doesn’t need a meat dress to impress.

6. Neil Patrick Harris making the most of his time as host.

neil-patrick-harris-birdman-oscars-1 neil-patrick-harris-birdman-oscars-2 neil-patrick-harris-birdman-oscars-3 neil-patrick-harris-birdman-oscars-4

7. Patricia Arquette using her speech time for something worthwhile.

Patricia Arquette Oscar 2015 1

And bonus points for getting Meryl Streep and J Lo to lose their collective shit.

Patricia Arquette Oscar 2015 2

8. Everything is totally awesome.

Great live performance? Total circus? Consolation prize for The LEGO Movie not winning a god damned thing? Either way, everything was awesome for about two minutes tonight, and that’s something to be thankful for.

Also, this happened:


9. Stay Different.

Easily the most powerful moment of the night, Graham Moore delivered an Oscars acceptance speech for the ages. Stay weird everyone.


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