The Latest Justice League Short Has Superman Making a Horrifying Decision

Remember how twisted the last Justice League: Gods and Monsters prequel short was? Well a new one is out featuring Superman, and it’s just as grim, but for entirely different reasons.

As a brief recap, the movie presents an alternate universe where a few key changes has resulted in an entirely different Justice League. Batman is a literal vampire, Amanda Waller (who ran the Suicide Squad in the main DC continuity) is now the POTUS, and Superman is the son of General Zod.

As a lead-up for the upcoming animated movie, Machimina is releasing a four-part webseries. The first featured Batman and Harley Quinn, while this one (titled Bomb) focuses on Superman and Braniac. Check it out, and we’ll discuss the WTF-ery below:

DC really is going dark with this one aren’t they?

Yeah, in case Harley Quinn’s fridge full of corpse parts from last episode didn’t clue you in, Superman mercy-killing a child is a pretty good indicator as to how dark this movie is going.

What will the next episodes be about?

With two left go, Wonder Woman seems like a safe bet for at least one of them. Her alternate universe version isn’t Diana Prince. Instead, the mantle has been taken up by Bekka, a character who married one of Darkseid’s sons in the comics.

What is the movie itself about?

What we know so far is that Gods and Monsters will feature the Justice League coming under public scrutiny and suspicion after a series of of well-known scientists are murdered. That’s no surprise given Superman is a goatee-wearing child killer, and Batman is drinking the blood of criminals.

When will it be released?

The movie will be available on Blu-ray and VOD on July 28, 2015. If it follows in the footsteps of previous DC animated movie releases, a Comic-Con premiere seems fairly likely.

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