This Smartphone Can Recharge in Under 2 Minutes (How Is This Real Life)

I thought my phone charged pretty fast, but two minutes? That has to be science fiction right?

Not according to StoreDot, a nanotech startup that showcased their battery prototype at CES this week.

The Battery of the Future

In case you think this is all theory, their latest design, which is about as small as a typical smartphone battery, charged a Galaxy S5 from nearly empty to 100% in under two minutes.

There is a downside to it all though. The battery was designed from the ground-up to charge very rapidly, and to accomplish that, StoreDot had to trade the overall battery life to make it work. Their current design will last about five hours on a full charge.

That’s not great, but when you can charge your phone in the time it takes you to check some emails, it doesn’t sound like that matters very much.

When Will My Phone Be Futurized?

So when will you be getting these supercharging batteries? Not until 2017 unfortunately.

While StoreDot is in talks with all of the major smartphone manufacturers, the batteries aren’t compatible with devices right out of the box, so each company will need to make its own modifications if they want to adopt the technology.

Still, two years isn’t that much time to wait when you consider the fact that, if it works as advertised, this battery could bring smartphone charging times down to a pretty ridiculous number.

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