This Video Shows Us What Real Life GTA Would Be Like

Grand Theft Auto parodies are a dime a dozen. They always tend to poke fun of the over-the-top action and game mechanics the series is known for.

However, Corridor Digital has put together a live-action video that shows us what life would be like if GTA were actually real. This one is a cut above the rest.

Tired of hearing me drone on about it and want to watch the video instead? Here, you go. You’re welcome.

Pretty interesting video, huh? It must have taken some serious coordination to pull off.

I’m curious if they had any issues with law enforcement while they were filming this. In particular, during the scene where the guy is running around a side street with a weapon. The good news is that they do have a follow-up that shows how they made the video above. Spoiler, they didn’t use drones to shoot any of these scenes.

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