Thor #8 Review – Who is the Woman Beneath the Mask?

The world has waited eight months for the unmasking of the new, female Thor. Unless you read the New York Times article that Marvel released that spoiled the major reveal a day early, be warned: the rest of this article heavily spoils Thor #8.

The issue opens with Thor and Freya leading an army of kick-ass women warriors against the Destroyer (also seen in the first Thor film). You’ve got Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Angela, along with a few Valkyries and other female characters that just go to show Marvel is truly behind the times in not giving us a movie starring one of these amazing women. While the issue starts with a bang and there are several key plot points regarding Malekith’s dark plan with the Frost Giants, it is a solemn moment at the end that is the real draw for this comic.

Who is the Goddess of Thunder?

Don’t call her Lady Thor. That’s what her enemies say right before she whacks ’em across the jaw with Mjölnir.The new wielder of the great hammer is referred to just as Thor, Goddess of Thunder. While the title belongs to our mystery woman, the old “Thor” is now being called Odinson. It has been quite a blow to the hulking God, but it’ll probably be a bigger disappointment when he finds out that the answer to the identity of his masked successor was right in front of him this whole time.

The new Thor is none other than ex-Thor’s past love, Dr. Jane Foster! Odinson actually considered this a possibility, but marked her off his list after visiting her in the hospital back in issue #6. Upon seeing her so frail and weakened by cancer he thought that there was no way she had the strength to wield the power Mjölnir. And to an extent he is right. The mantle is weighing heavily upon her, accelerating her deterioration.

Though I wouldn’t call this reveal a bait and switch. There have been multiple clues throughout the past eight issues, some of which in retrospect I should have guessed what was coming. Most obvious was a moment in issue #4 when the two Thors kiss, passionately. This obviously eliminated Freya and Odinson’s sister, Angela, as viable options but should have also knocked out the possibility of any women male Thor has never had a romantic relationship with.

What happens now?

Thor #8 is the last issue for the Aaron-Dauterman-Wilson team. Foster’s story will continue in both the new Secret Wars storyline and the new series, Thors, also being written by Jason Aaron. I mentioned earlier in the review that there is a major development with the Dark Elf and his pact with the Frost Giant. By using the skull of Jotunheim’s dead king, Malekith is finally able to resurrect King Laufey. So the Asgardians will still have that to handle that.

Should I pick up this comic?

By Odin’s beard, yes! Run to your nearest comic shop and buy it now! In fact, pick up Thor #8 and the collection of issues #1-5 that was also released today. If you have a bit of cash leftover, consider buying Aaron’s Thor: God of Thunder series as well.

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