Twin Peaks Reboot Loses David Lynch

Does the cult classic series hold any water now that the visionary behind it has left the project?

Rolling Stone is reporting that David Lynch left Showtime’s Twin Peaks reboot because of budgetary issues. He felt that the money being offered was not enough to do the script how he envisioned it.

Is it still happening?

Showtime has stated that it has no plans to cancel the series, even with Lynch’s departure from the project. It seems they’d be eager to repair their relationship with the enigmatic visionary behind the original Twin Peaks series, because without him fans will certainly be more apprehensive about the project.

Is Mark Frost still involved?

No word from Mark Frost, the other creator of the series, yet. If Lynch has left I can’t imagine he’d want to stick around, but maybe he will. For the sake of the show’s integrity I hope he stays because with only one of the visionaries gone the show won’t suffer, but with both of them gone it’d be a hard sell to Twin Peaks fans.

When is it coming out?

Right now it’s still slated for a 2016 release. Whether or not Showtime can meet that deadline without Lynch is in question, but for now it looks like all is well with the production schedule.

Is the original cast still involved?

Lynch said in his Facebook post that he notified the actors that he won’t be directing the project. Whether or not this will affect Agent Dale Cooper reappearing in all his coffee drinking glory remains to be seen.

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