Haiku Life Lessons From Stevenbombs 2 & 3

This summer has been quite the ride for us Steven Universe fans. First we had the show’s hiatus starting in late April, which drove the fandom to madness and even led us to jump on the fan theory bandwagon. Luckily that only lasted about a month and a half before our “patience” was rewarded with a second Stevenbomb (a week of 5 new episodes back-to-back) in mid-June, followed shortly by a third one in mid-July.

The only downside to being bombarded with 10 new episodes is the volume of world-building and character development that we have to process in a relatively short period. And considering that the show is already resuming at its regular pace next week (starting August 6th on Cartoon Network), we aren’t left with much time to sort it all out. 07/31/15 Update: Cartoon Network’s schedule has been revised—we now have an extra month before the show resumes…

While I could go on for pages with detailed analyses of these episodes, Tim Foley’s already got you covered. Instead, I’ve opted to deliver the core morals of the last 10 episodes in the lovably brief form of haiku poetry. If nothing else, these easily digestible bits of wisdom are good reminders that beneath all of the action, drama and feels, there’s always a solid take-home message.

I’ve kept the spoilers at a minimum, but continue at your own risk.

Sworn to the Sword

Season 2, Episode 6


Fight them together.
Trust and self-worth are crucial.
Don’t do it alone.


Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

Season 2, Episode 7


Let weird things happen.
They make life interesting.
Worth living, even.


Keeping It Together

Season 2, Episode 8


Some discoveries
Are flat out horrifying.
Don’t let them break you.


We Need to Talk

Season 2, Episode 9


New love can be tough.
Invent yourselves together.
Just communicate.


Chille Tid

Season 2, Episode 10


Take some time to rest.
Dreams reveal things about us
That we never knew.


Cry for Help

Season 2, Episode 11


Selfishness breaks trust.
Lying can hurt your friendships.
Think before you act.


Keystone Motel

Season 2, Episode 12


Things can get complex.
Some fights can tear us apart.
But love still binds us.


Onion Friend

Season 2, Episode 13


Talk it out with friends.
Rekindle lost connections.
Enjoy life with them.


Historical Friction

Season 2, Episode 14


A hero struggles.
Every one of us has flaws.
That’s what makes us great.


Friend Ship

Season 2, Episode 15


Forgiveness takes time.
Understand how you hurt them.
And never give up.

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