The Vampire Diaries Theories: Will Elena Become Human Again?

Tonight was the first episode since the recent announcement that Nina Dobrev will be leaving The Vampire Diaries at the conclusion of Season 6.  In light of this, fans have been wondering how The CW was going to write off her character, and this most recent episode gave us a lot of hints.

Elena’s Impending Departure

For starters, Elena has always wanted a family, even after she turned. We saw it in her attempt to keep her friend group close: Stephan, Damon, Caroline, Bonnie, Matt, Tyler, Jeremy, Alaric. But now, each of them has kind of gone their own way. We saw it in her eyes when she found out Jo was pregnant; we heard it in her voice when she asked why Matt wouldn’t take her blood.

The possibility of becoming human and having a family is becoming more and more likely, as Damon has the cure.

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Many fans have been waiting for the day for Elena to make the switch back to being human. As the TV show has drifted drastically from the books, we can’t really count on those being a good indicator of the end results. While there are a few possibilities, all breadcrumbs seem to point to one thing: becoming human.

What leaves us guessing is how The CW is planning to end the season, given the newly arrived Heretics (half-witch, half-vampire), Elena’s inevitable departure, and Caroline and Stephan’s blossoming relationship.

A few possibilities play out in my head:

  • Damon secretly gives Elena the cure, compels her to go live her life as human, and the rest of the them continue to live their lives
  • Elena finds out Damon has the cure and tosses it, but she is accidentally killed by the Heretics, thereby dying as a vampire
  • Elena willingly takes the cure and is killed as a human
  • Elena willingly takes the cure and runs off with Matt
  • Elena, still a vampire, finds out about Jeremy and rushes off to help
  • Elena becomes the person there, but not really, like Howard’s mother in Big Bang Theory, the naked man from Friends, or Maris from Frasier, therefore she lives!
  • Elena makes a deal with the Heretics and body swaps so she can live as a human, without knowing about the cure. Damon takes the cure, and they both live happily ever after
  • Nina Dobrev leaves the show, but they swap her with a look-a-like actress
  • Damon tells her he has the cure, she willingly takes it, and she moves on with her life, independent of vampires

Or perhaps it’s a combination of a lot of things. But, perhaps the title of this episode gives us the answer we’re looking for, which makes my vote option #1.

The reason I added “secretly” in there, is Elena doesn’t seem the kind of person to willingly take the cure and leave Damon. She loves him too much. The title of I Could Never Love Like That may suggest to fans that Damon will do what he needs to do because he does loves her like that. We’ll see soon enough!

The New Enemy

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.40.47 PM

Because of course, we need a new enemy. Enzo has quit his game, Kai is locked away, and Mommy Dearest has come out to play with her new friends…

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