The Vampire Diaries: Will Delena Get Their Happily Ever After?

Fans have seen Stefan and Elena, Damon and Caroline, remnants of Elena and Matt, Caroline and Matt, Caroline and Klaus, Caroline and Tyler, Bonnie and Jeremy, and of course, the epic Elena and Damon.


For many Delena fans, the potential for Damon and Elena to both become human and live their lives together seems perfect! Fans at the end of tonight’s episode may wonder “how on Earth can Damon AND Elena both become human if they only have one cure?” Is this possible for them?

More than One Cure?

cure vampire

There are three cures to vampirism:

  1. The Vial containing the Cure, originally created by Qetsiyah
  2. The spell created by Esther
  3. The spell created by the Travelers that involves the blood of the last pair of doppelgangers and a Magic Purification Spell

Well, who says there’s only one of each of them? Right now Damon and Elena only have the one vial, but fans are forgetting one key thing: there’s a second one, and it’s located in the 1903 prison world.

The first cure they got was from the 1994 prison world where Damon and Bonnie both resided for four months before making their way back with Kai. The 1994 cure was found by Bonnie in Silas’s tomb-making it the second vial. Fans will remember the first one was found in present-day time and was given to Katherine Pierce.

But, we are talking about 1903, the other alternate prison world. And in this one, the cure is still there.

The question now becomes how they are going to get back there. And, a few things are in their way- the witchy-vampires, Kai, and of course, the question: has Bonnie destroyed the Ascendant yet?

What is Going to Happen to Elena Gilbert?

elena gilbert

But, the biggest question that every fan is asking is what is going to become of Elena Gilbert?

Nina Dobrev announced that Season 6 will be her last, so how is The CW going to give her the best ending ever? I think all of us want to see Delena be happy (though, secretly, I’m still a Stelena fan, but I love him with Caroline too!). Yet, the prospect of having to end the show and start Season 7 without her makes us question the happy ending that TVD tried to gives us:

“Elena is with Damon, in a loft in Tribeca, above a bar that Damon owns and works at. She comes home, he serves her wine and rubs her feet, after a long day at the OR. Two kids, eventually, so they can keep each other company, while the adults have their fun.”

Is this plausible? Who knows… Ian Somerhalder has given no indication whatsoever that Season 6 will be his last too. He’s already listed on IMDB as a Season 7 cast member!

So, what will become of Delena? I hope The CW can manage to give them the happy ending they deserve. I guess we’ll have to see what happens!

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