Who Is That Mystery Woman in the Avengers 2 Trailer?

There are many mysteries in the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, but one in particular has been on a lot of fans’ minds. It’s the scene where all of the Avengers are gathered together in their casual-wear (presumably in Avengers Tower). There’s Hawkeye, Tony Stark, Rhodey, Maria Hill, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and… wait, who the heck is that?


Some people figure it’s Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, since she’s standing next to Thor, but I’m fairly certain it’s not.

Let’s figure this mystery out with the miracles of modern technology. Zoom and enhance!


Alright, maybe not enhance. That’s not the clearest image in the world, but it definitely doesn’t look like Natalie Portman to me. It actually looks way more like her:


That’s Kim Soo-hyun (and the photo Marvel used in their casting press release for the actress). She’s definitely in the movie, but we don’t really know who she’ll be playing.

Earlier reports stated that Kim Soo-hyun would be playing a doctor who is helping Tony Stark with something (maybe building Ultron?). She’s probably not technically an “Avengers” then (although even crazier rumors have floated about that she’s actually the Wasp), but that context would justify why she’s hanging out at Avengers Tower. We also see a few shots of Captain America in Korea in the trailer, so that might be one more connection.

At one point or another, some publications have also stated that she’ll be playing a villain in the film, so who knows at this point.

Officially, she’s a mystery character in a “substantial supporting role.” We’ll just have to wait and find out for sure when Age of Ultron hits theaters next year.

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