X-Men: Days of Future Past Rogue Cut Will Premiere at Comic-Con, Here’s How to Get Tickets

The “Rogue Cut” of Days of Future Past will have its premiere screening at Comic-Con in San Diego this year, and tickets sound surprisingly easy to come by. 

Wait, what’s a Rogue Cut?

If you’ll remember way, way back to the lead-up to Days of Future Past, it was widely reported that Anna Paquin’s Rogue would play an integral role in the film. When the movie came out though, Rogue was only featured briefly towards the end of the movie.

It turns out, a big sequence featuring the character was shot, but it was ultimately cut to trim down the film’s running time. That footage will be re-added to the film in the Rogue Cut, totaling 17 minutes of new scenes in all. According to the rumors, the centerpiece of the new additions will be Professor X and Magneto teaming up for one last adventure together, heading off to break Rogue out of a prison.

Cool, so how can I see it at Comic-Con?

Just head down to Comic-Con and purchase the Rogue Cut Blu-ray from either the Fox booth (#4229) on the show floor, or at Nerd HQ (hosted at the Children’s Museum this year) for $19.99.

When and where is it?

The screening will be held at the Reading Cinema (a familiar locale for Comic-Con vets) at 701 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp District, just a short walk from the convention center, on Saturday, July 11 at 8:00 PM.

I don’t want to buy a Blu-ray… can I still go?

You’re not totally out of luck. Any available seating that hasn’t been snatched up by VIP ticket holders will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to those who line up outside of the theater.

Fox seems to be anticipating the high level of interest in the film too, and will be showing the movie simultaneously on four screens at the Reading Cinema. That’s a pretty decent amount of seating, so it’s not crazy to think that if you get there early enough, there might be a spot for you.

That being said, it’s Comic-Con… so if you’re going with the standby line, expect a ton of people doing the same, and keep your expectations reasonable accordingly.

Maybe I changed my mind, is the Blu-ray worth it?

That seems to depend on how much you liked Days of Future Past. 

The additional footage sounds substantial, but it was probably cut for a good reason, so don’t expect to see any huge, sweeping changes to the story. That being said, 17 minutes is a ton of new stuff, and for a lot of fans, it will be great to see a little more Professor X and Magneto, especially given the fact that this may be the last we see of the older version of those characters. Plus, Rogue is back, and that’s pretty cool too.

Aside from the extra footage, the Blu-ray release will also include 90 minutes of new bonus features, which may ease the pain of re-buying the movie if you’ve already purchased the original release.

And if it helps to sweeten the pot, in true Comic-Con fashion, purchasing the Rogue Cut at the event will also get you some kind of limited edition lithograph.

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