Star Wars Returning to Skellig Michael Island, But For What?

Remember that some scenes from The Force Awakens were shot over two days last summer on Skellig Michael Island in Ireland? Well, it seems that they may come back to shoot more… but why?

How do we know this is going on?

The Irish Times is reporting that the Star Wars production crew will return to the island this fall. However, the Irish Film Board is refusing to confirm or deny they’re in talks with Disney or Lucasfilm. Despite any protests, a production team visited the area a few weeks ago.

Why would they return?

Well, several reasons. Thankfully, none of them are probably bad. The most likely explanation is the team needs to shoot some pick up shots.

What are pick up shots?

Not to be confused with reshoots, pickups are usually quick endeavors. It’s possible they didn’t get a long shot they later realized they would need while editing the film. Perhaps they want to use a second unit team to get some establishing shots. It has nothing to do with there being any problems in the film and more to do with the fact they need some easily shot footage. In fact, it’s very likely they planned for this.

Why would they return in autumn? They shot during the summer…


It’s very possible the shots they wanted were not possible to obtain during that summer and forever reason they couldn’t return that autumn. Therefore, they’re getting the shots they need now in a quick and dirty manor right under the wire.

This autumn? The movie comes out in December. Cutting it a little close aren’t they?

Welcome to show business.

What scenes are they shooting here?


We’re not sure, but it seems to match up with some leaked production art which we won’t show here. It’s very possible, however, that this is the same planet┬áthat the Vanity Fair shot of Captain Phasma was taken. Given that Daisy Ridley and Mark Hamill were seen shooting on the island, it seems we might be getting a showdown between our heroes and villains here that was shot in a different location, but is meant to be the same area on film.

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