James Bond 007 Canon Catch-Up: Who Is Mr. White? [Updated]

After fifty years, the James Bond series has become its own genre. However, a hero is only as good as his villains and Bond has had some classic ones in his time. With the news that the upcoming film SPECTRE will be tying together plots from the first three Daniel Craig films, we’ve created these handy guide compiling information on elements that may be popping up.

Today, we’re going to be discussing Mr. White.

[Updated 11/13/15] We’ve added to the “Will he be in SPECTRE” and “Why is he in hiding” sections with information about the new film!

Who is Mr. White?


Last we saw him in Quantum of Solace, Mr. White is a top figure in the nefarious crime organization Quantum. His first appearance is in Casino Royale, mediating a deal between his banker Le Chiffre and an LRA commander with the goal of investing more than $100 million dollars in an insider trading scheme designed to grow the fund. 00 agent James Bond thwarts the scheme and a subsequent attempt to recover the funds at a poker game in Montenegró.

In a act of desperation, Le Chiffre tortures Bond for the money, but Mr. White intervenes . He executes Le Chiffre on the spot, worried his actions have tarnished the reputation of Quantum. When British double agent Vesper Lynd betrays MI6 to give the money to Quantum, Mr. White is at the exchange and watches as Bond holds her after her death.


Unbeknownst to Mr. White, however, Vesper left Bond her phone which led Bond to tracking down and capturing him. Mr. White escapes with the help of a corrupt MI6 agent, but is later seen  at a senior Quantum meeting during an opera performance in Bregenz.

Does he appear in Skyfall at all?

Neither Mr. White nor Quantum are mentioned in Skyfall at all.

And does he appear in SPECTRE?

Indeed he does. He’s been in hiding for quite some time.

Why is he in hiding?


In the film, we learn that Quantum was a part of SPECTRE, but Mr. White is no longer with the organization. They refer to him under the alias “The Pale King,” which leads Bond to his doorstep in Austria. Mr. White’s been in hiding since he left SPECTRE due to ethical objections to their new harsher operations. SPECTRE wasn’t too happy with him leaving, so they gave him Thallium poising. Bond asks for his help ta

Mr white SPECTRE

Bond asks for his help taking down SPECTRE, but Mr. White wants to protect his daughter, Dr. Madeline Swann, from them. Bond offers to protect her and in return Mr. White gives him a clue about where to go next in his investigation. Bond gives White his pistol, which White commits suicide with rather than slowly dying.

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