Avengers: Age of Ultron Gets a Manga Prequel… But Is It Canon?

We’re you upset when Avengers: Age of Ultron was released pretty much everywhere a week before fans stateside got to see it? Well, at least you’re not living in Japan, because it still hasn’t been released there.

Japan will finally be getting the Avengers sequel on July 4, and as a reward for all of that delayed gratification, fans in that country will also be getting (what sounds like) an exclusive comic prequel to the film.

The one-shot manga story will be titled Avengers: Age of Ultron Episode O, and was published in Shonen Magazine earlier today.

What’s it about?

“Tony Stark, the hero who is covered in wounds, is worried,” ANN translates. “Is continuing to fight really connected to protecting the one he loves? The special one-shot that will be continued in the film itself!”

According to those who’ve read it, the one-shot explores some of Tony Stark’s motivations for creating the Ultron Project. I feel like a lot of that was made pretty clear in the film itself, so no big loss if it doesn’t make its way overseas.

That being said, I think our big question would be…

Is it canon?

It’s hard to say! Because it’s such a small story, and will likely only be read by fans in one country, Marvel hasn’t really made a big deal out of its release.

In all likelihood, its canonicity will probably be somewhat similar to the existing “Prelude” comics, which are technically canon, but rarely ever directly referenced in the MCU movies or TV shows. So in other words, don’t stress out that you won’t be able to read it!

But if you’re wondering what it looks like, here’s the full cover art for the one-shot:

Avengers Age of Ultron Episode 0

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