Has Batman V. Superman Been Split into Two Movies?

I would prefer if the answer is “no.” Alleged anonymous leaker disagrees.


Where the heck is that from?

An anonymous “leaker” who posted the image and this message to imgur:

I have an iPhone video of the teaser trailer (it has updated since, but close with most things), and no, I will never distribute it, but I will offer this screen shot.

Enter the Knight? That’s a dumb title.

I agree, although in all fairness so is Dawn of Justice, so that doesn’t immediately rule out the possibility. On the other hand, Enter the Knight is an excellent porn parody title.

So is there any evidence that this is real?

Not really, although it’s worth noting that Zack Snyder was reportedly filming BvS and Justice League back-to-back… maybe he was actually filming two halves of Bats V. Supes? On the other hand, the idea that WB was able to keep this under wraps when just about every other detail about the movie has already leaked is a little tough to believe.

Additionally, it seems really unlikely that we’ll be seeing a BvS movie in 2015, especially as early as October, considering how little promotion the film has been getting so far.

If it is true though, this is a bad thing, right?

Not necesarily. While these two-part movies are really obnoxious, the amount of stuff that Snyder and crew are cramming into this movie (new Batman, Lex Luthor, Doomsday, Wonder Woman, introducing the rest of the Justice League, etc.) never really made that much sense. A two-part movie would certainly explain how it all fits.

That’s if it’s true of course, which we have no evidence for.


So when is this alleged teaser coming out?

Rumor has it that a BvS teaser will be attached to Jupiter Ascending on February 6. We’ll hopefully find out if this idea has any merit then.

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