Watch a Scene from X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Rogue Cut

Days of Future Past‘s “Rogue Cut” is out in exactly two weeks now (unless you manage to catch the early screening at Comic-Con). Here’s an early look at one of the additions this extended cut is making.

The clip involves Rogue, Iceman, and the older Magneto in the “future” timeline, intercut with the younger Magneto in the “past” timeline. The latter half of the scene should look pretty familiar if you saw the original theatrical cut, with one notable addition (but more on that after the clip):

So what’s worth noticing here?

The biggest new addition is Rogue of course, who was noticeably absent for most of Days of Future Past‘s theatrical cut. Here it looks like she’s comatose, with Iceman managing to revive her by temporarily transferring his ice powers to her (I’m not exactly sure how that’s helpful).

This scene (potential spoilers) likely takes place during the mission to rescue Rogue, who many fans speculate is being used to create those superpowered Sentinels we see in the future timeline. Remember how they could adapt their powers? The theatrical cut implies that it was adapted from Mystique’s powers, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense given that’s not something she can actually do. It seems very possible that the Rogue Cut will explain away this potential inconsistency by adding Rogue’s stolen powers to the formula.

The other big addition to the scene is a lingering shot of a coin displayed next to Magneto’s helmet.

coin scene xmen days of future past

That’s the Nazi coin from First Class, the one a young Erik Lensherr fails to move, causing the death of his mother. It does appear in the original cut of Days of Future Past, but here it gets a much bigger presence in the scene.

What else is new in the Rogue Cut?

The Rogue Cut includes 17 minutes of previously unseen footage, mostly focusing on that Rogue prison break sequence. The Blu-ray release will also include over 90 minutes of new bonus features. It’s out on July 14.


  1. It makes sense the Sentinels coming from Mystique.

    1- they carry the DNA taken by mutants all over the years (Emma Frost, Sunspot, and others). Mystique’s DNA is what make the Sentinels physicaly adaptable recreate those powers on their skin.

    What has Rogue to do with that? She doesn’t copy another mutants powers. She sucks it. Very different. It’s very funny how people get it totally wrong.

    When people think that they changed to Mystique after Rogue was cut…well, sorry for that, but they are being slightly dumb, once the very design of the Sentinels, since the movie’s pre production was based on Mystique.

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