Why Doesn’t Nintendo Want My Money?

I’m a lifelong Nintendo fan. So why on earth is Nintendo making it so hard for me to buy and enjoy their products?

My problem

For a few years now I’ve wanted to get a 3DS or a Wii U and have always been on the fence on finally making the purchase. Unfortunately Nintendo seems hell-bent on making it infuriating for me to play their games.

How are they doing that?


In two ways. First of all, the new 3DS that’s coming out in a month or two (which looks amazing) features better hardware as well as better build quality and design. Finally, a perfect reason to buy a Nintendo 3DS. I can explore the vast library of games anywhere thanks to the portability of this amazing system, right?

Wrong, because the new 3DS apparently doesn’t come with a charger, and they are asking $200 for it. If the price was lower I might consider that acceptable, but for $200 you can’t give me a charger? I don’t buy it.

Why is this bad?

This new system seems to be for people who either already own a 3DS or don’t mind ponying up some extra cash for a charger rather than people who want to finally buy the system. This is completely illogical to me, because they’re alienating anyone that doesn’t have a 3DS already by not including the charger. Why wouldn’t they? They gain nothing by not including a charger and stand to lose a lot.

What’s the second way?


I was always planning on buying a Wii U when Smash Bros. came out, because I can’t not experience the amazingness that is Smash. As any reasonable human being will tell you, the only acceptable way to play Smash Bros. is with a GameCube controller. Nintendo had announced an adapter for the Wii U that allowed you to plug in 4 GameCube controllers to your console, making Smash Bros. even more desirable to me. Unfortunately they crushed my dreams and made this adapter a limited release.

Why is this bad?

Again, it alienates people and it’s just plain dumb in my opinion. Right now it’s hard to find one of these adapters for less than $80 online, which makes me wonder why in the world Nintendo wouldn’t have a bundle of the adapter and the game available to purchase. Nintendo has to be aware that people want to play Smash with the GameCube controller, so why would they do this? This is quite literally the only obstacle preventing me from buying the system.

What can they do to earn your business?

It’s so easy. Bundle a charger with this nice and shiny 3DS, and include a GameCube adapter with Smash Bros. These small changes would get me to buy both of those systems and finally take the plunge. Stop making it hard to give you my money, Nintendo!

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