10 Ways to Get Your Game on at MCM London 2014

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MCM London Comic Con approaches! The comic con so good that they have it twice a year. There are plenty of happenings to engage your gamer mind, from game expos to a League of Legends tournament. If you plan on attending please accept these humble suggestions for events not to miss.

Games You Can Actually Play!

Conventions can get pretty crazy and hectic. Sometimes it’s nice to have something to relax and play with for a little while. Of course it’s also nice to get a chance to runamok in the latest greatest and soon-to-be-releasingest games out there.


Dragonball XenoverseThe next fighting game in the Dragonball franchise is set to release in 2015. This installment looks to have greatly expanded the freedom of movement allowed to the players to better recreate the geographically and architecturally destructive battles that have always been the heart of the Dragonball experience. This will also be the first game to feature a player created character and a story outside of established canon. Hopefully you’ll get to go through the character creation process and get a sense for the new storyline.


Pac-Man And The Ghostly Adventures 2 – 3DS

This brand new adventure in the Pac-Man universe, no longer defined only by walls, whatever those little dots are, ghosts and the occasional fruit snack, will be available toplay in all its 3-d glory. You can even take control of Pac-Man’s support crew this time around.


Adventure Time The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

Why yes, there is an upcoming Adventure Time game coming out in November. Yes, I am pretty excited about it. Yes, you should totally tell me how it is.


Honorable Mentions:

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution; Project CARS; Tales of Xilla 2;Tales Of Hearts R Digimon All Star Battle.



Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

I firmly believe this series of games could not have been created outside Japan. Or, if it were, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. I rolled my eyes the first time I heard about, but it won me right the hell over. I can’t think of too many things I’d rather do than solve a case or two before heading out to pick up more swag.


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Despite smelling a bit like Pokemon for adults this series has rolled out some really fine gameplay and gorgeous art design. Well worth checking out.


Tecmo Koei:


Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

Well, the phrase “costume specific breast physics” appears in the Wikipedia article for this game. That either makes you roll your eyes, chuckle or salivate, and, frankly, at tournament #5 there’s no reason for me to celebrate or shame anyone about it. Go kick some butt or just keep your distance, but have fun either way. The goals are grand for this installment, aiming for a much more cinematic, epic feel.

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn

Giant robots! Explosions! Swords! Guns! People love these things. Here those things are.


Honorable Mentions:

Samurai Warriors 4; Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland



Akiba’s Trip: Undead And Undressed

I gotta say, slicing the clothing off of vampiric monsters in order to expose them to sunshine and turn them back into regular humans has got to be about the most creative way to put a whole lot of justified eye candy on the screen. Well,¬† at least sort of justified. Is the game fun? Is the eye candy worth it? Let me know, but I couldn’t pass up describing that little battle mechanic.


Honorable Mentions:

Arcane Hearts: Love Max!!!!!; Dangan Ronpa 2; Under Night: In-Birth; Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth



League of Legends 4 Nations Qualifier Invitational Tournament

Six teams, three of them handpicked, will compete for a 5,000 pound prize pool and a slot in the 4 Nations ESL Tournament. The event will span three days and be live streamed here. You can find the schedule here. ESL is the largest independent promoter of eSports outside of Riot themselves. They’ve pulled all six teams from the cream of the crop of UK and Irish teams including:

Invited Slots

Open Qualifier Slots

There’s still one slot open, to be filled by a University tournament.


Special Guest:

D.C. Douglas

He’s done voices across quite a few video game franchises, including Resident Evil, Tekken and Mass Effect. He’ll be hanging out Saturday and Sunday. A single autograph is included in the purchase of MyM issue 31. Plus, just look at that smile. And those eyes! *swoon*


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