Songs They Send Us: Kosoti Goes Too Far, And It’s Wonderful

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Forging through the often over populated fields of dreamy folk pop, English quintet Kosoti are turning heads witht their latest single “Gone Too Far”, a breathy ballad that both rocks and swoons like an earnest late-90s Live outtake.  Filled with beautiful harmonies and luscious melodies, “Gone” flows with drama and nonchalance and is a perfect listen.

From the press release:

After a near death experience in 2013, lead singer and songwriter Allan Hyslop realised he needed to treasure every moment of his life by doing what he loved most, writing and performing music.
Allan explains “Kosoti is the result of a few musicians and friends getting together to write songs and enjoy each other’s company. It started about eighteen months ago when a change in personnel gave us the impetus to try something different from what we’d previously been doing. The sound emerged and we knew there was something special being born…”




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