New Music Weekly: Holiday Songs That Don’t Suck!!

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It’s the holidays, so like it or not, you’re going to be inundated with tons of crappy songs about reindeer and jolly old Saint Nick and how Christmas isn’t really about presents. Some of them might tug at your heart, but most will just annoy the piss out of you. But… it doesn’t all suck, so here’s a quick list, totally different from last year’s list, to help you get through it all. Happy Festivus!

(Note: This is the final New Music Weekly update of 2015. I will be back in early January, however I will probably not be back in time for the new David Bowie record, Blackstar. So… just be aware that there is a new David Bowie record being released on January 8, 2016 and it’s supposed to be just wonderful. Also, just for the hell of it, I wanted to let you guys know which NMW was the most viewed of the year. Mysteriously, it was the June 13, 2015 update featuring the new Adam Lambert, Neil Young, and James Taylor. Huh.

Anyway, thanks for reading, NMM / NMW, and Ryan, thanks for letting me publish here. Happy new year everyone.)

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (featuring NMW favorite Neko Case), “Santa Left A Booger in My Stocking”

Ahhh Meatwad!

Fishbone, “Slick Nick, You Devil You”

Fishbone for Christmas dinner? Yes, indeed!

Young and Sexy, “Santa Clause Likes Rich Kids Better”

I am a sucker for super cool Canadian duos.

Dropkick Murphys, “The Season’s Upon Us”

A traditional Christmas carol around my house.

Cracker, “Merry Christmas Emily”

Gwar, “Stripper Christmas Summer Weekend”

Nuttin’ beats GWAR for the holidaze.

Twisted Sister, “O Come All Ye Faithful”

So much better than the original.

Snoop Dogg, “Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto”, Christmas on Death Row

This is actually a cover of a James Brown song.


The James Brown song!!

John Prine, “Christmas in Prison”

Gotta be one of my favorite holiday songs.


The Mountain Goats covering it!

The Medieval Baebes, “Coventry Carol”

If you like a little murder with your Christmas, this is the song for you.

Here I am on Twitter.

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  1. Great list! May I also suggest “Everything is Gonna Be Cool This Christmas” by the Eels, “Father Christmas” by the Kinks, “Don’t Steal or Kill This Christmas” by Dryer and “This Love Won’t Break Your Heart” by Annalise Emerick (more of a New Years song). Please forgive my love of folksy sentimentality in my last suggestions.

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