Sexual Lobsters – Bludgeon Your Horizons E4: Angel Guts: Red Classroom by Xiu Xiu

Bludgeon Your Horizons is a podcast where we throw ‘difficult’ albums that we love at each other, and most everyone else will despise. This week Andrew presented us with the poetic, if not always lyrical stew of sex and body horror that is Xiu Xiu’s Angel Guts: Red Classroom. Based on a series of violently pornographic “pink films” from Japan the album is full of bizarre images and strange pronouncements.

If you’re new to the podcast, the premise is simple: there are some albums that you keep to yourself in a hidden playlist in a hidden Dropbox under a hidden account, some record that absolutely cannot see the light of day, lest your social and professional lives be ruined. In Bludgeon Your Horizons, we (Dave, Eric, Andrew, and occasionally Peter) subject each other to these albums and then revel in each others’ pain.

Andrew brought the moaning, droning, sexual horror of Angel Guts: Red Classroom to lay atop our battered psyches this week. It’s worth listening to with lyric sheet open if you’re inclined to sample it’s depths before listening to the podcast.


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