2K Launches Viral Teaser: What is Advent Future?

2K Games has begun teasing something called Advent or Advent Future as the website implies. Not much is known about it, save the mysterious promotional materials the company has released.

What Is Advent Future?

FEAR Advent Future message

Via Twitter, they released a promotional video that shows a city skyline — presumably from a futuristic city — with the following tagline:

Move in today and start living in the world of tomorrow!

After a brief moment of distortion, the message changes as if hackers have claimed access to the content.

Move in today and FEAR the world of tomorrow!

If you pay a visit to the official website, it’s been given the same treatment.

Advent brighter future message

It shows the image of Planet Earth, with a logo for Advent — perhaps a futuristic company? A message says, “building a brighter future together,” and it fades every so often after experiencing visual distortions.

What Game Could This Be For?

The Advent is the enemy

The following text, taken directly from the website, offers a much clearer picture of Advent:

Amazing advancements in architectural construction have led to a new kind of city. The gleaming towers are specifically designed to utilize space in efficient ways never before seen, as well as provide the comforts and amentities of a resort. Each living unit is outlined with the very best in high-tech comfort and utilitarian style.

Protected 24 hours a day by ADVENT forces, citizens can have a peace of mind with the knowledge that their families are always safe.

ADVENT Cities are a fresh start. Join us and help us build a brighter future today.

This MP3 describes the company in a more realistic manner. You get to it by clicking on “policed 24 hours a day” in the Advent description.

The setting appears to take place in a dystopian future, where these “Advent cities” are ruled by a mercenary security force of some kind. Looking at the rest of the text on the website, there also appears to be a genetic modification factor involved.

Hackers have taken over various areas of the Advent promotional site to warn of the impending danger.

Advent is lying to you

Advent is lying to us — as in the public — but about what?
Advent Millions have gone missing

What is Advent’s involvement in the missing population? Are they killing the opposition, or flat out kidnapping people and shoving them in their so called “cities” which could be something akin to internment camps?

It’s all very interesting. There’s even a message that proclaims “the cities are traps!”

Could this be another Bioshock game, or is it something new? Irrational Games — the developers responsible for the Bioshock series — did split up, but that doesn’t mean they won’t create a successor.


  1. Eeyup, definitely XCOM. Hidden highlighted text forms a bunch of gibberish letters, but it really is a cryptogram…. when rearranged, they form the words “Vigilo Confido”, which is XCOM’s motto. We will find out officially tomorrow as a countdown timer indicates this.

  2. Nope, I am sorry Briley, it is NOT a Bioshock game… but it IS another 2K franchise. It’s gonna be a new XCOM game!

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