5 Reasons Why Lil’ Kim Needs to Let Go of the Nicki Minaj Beef

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Once upon a time, the rap world was Lil’ Kim’s oyster. A decade or so later, and it’s hard to find anyone waiting for new material by the female rapper with any true enthusiasm.

It seems that Kim blames her lack of relevancy on the much younger and much more popular Nicki Minaj. Kim has been airing her grievances every chance she gets, including a recent diss track called“Identity Theft”. It was a response to Minaj’s verse on the Beyonce remix to “Flawless.”

The logic behind why Lil’ Kim decided to come out with yet another “you’re ripping off my style” single is irrelevant. The rapper needs to walk away. If she’s reluctant, perhaps she should consider these seven reasons to let the matter drop once and for all.

Dissing Minaj Will Not Revive Kim’s Career

When a once-popular rap artist is forced to start moving her albums through PayPal, that should be the sign that her career has reached its inevitable downward spiral.

For fans of Lil’ Kim, whose real name is Kimberly Denise Jones, this should be the focus. How does she get her brand back on the map?

Kim seems to be under the impression that ranting at Minaj is her ticket back to relevancy. Unfortunately, as “Black Friday” (the cover of which features Kim beheading Minaj) failed to perform, it’s clear that no one really cares about her anger at her 31-year-old rival.

Minaj Isn’t the Only Pop Artist Known For Crazy Outfits and Wigs

Why isn’t Lil’ Kim angry at Katy Perry or Lady Gaga – women who’ve also worn outlandish outfits and hairstyles in recent years? Where is her anger at rival Iggy Azalea, whose recent fame earned her thesubtle mockery of Minaj?

The truth is that the rap and pop landscape has changed so much in the past few years that Kim’s complaints seem rather slightly dated. Even quaint.

It could be that continuously coming after Minaj is the only link that Kim has to today’s young rap fans, a growing number of whom either don’t know who Kim is or feel no reason to listen to her music.

This is yet another concern that is a greater cause for alarm than the color of Minaj’s hair.

Both Women Have Likely Been Under the Knife

How fair is it exactly to mock someone’s looks as “fake” or a “rip off” when there is documented evidence of exactly how much Kim herself has altered her appearance?

Lil’ Kim has had a considerable amount of construction work done on her body, and especially her face. Fans of Kim are willing to admit that the star has definitely gotten work done.

As for Minaj, there’s reason to suspect that she too has altered her looks.

A person should be able to change their looks to suit whatever makes him or her happy. And if Minaj made adjustments to make herself happy, then there’s nothing Kim can say about it. Both because it’s none of her business and because with the many changes she’s made herself, it’s a rather hollow argument to make.

Instead of picking on looks and outfits, it would be more mature to focus on what matters: The music.

Lil’ Kim’s Style Is Too Dated to Be a Threat

As stated earlier, dissing a popular rival isn’t going to bring back Kim’s own fame. Nor will her behavior earn her any new fans.

Another problem that Kim has yet to face is that her rapping style has not aged well. She sounds as if she’s coming at Minaj from the 90’s.

It could be that Kim is afraid that if she updates her style, she’ll alienate her fanbase. Her recent lack of success should be considered proof that this is no longer a legitimate concern.

Kim needs to stop lashing out at other rappers and work on bringing her music into the 21st century.

It’s the Grown Up Thing to Do

Last but not least, the best reason of all to let bygones be bygones is that both women are simply too old to behave in such a childish manner. While “beefs” were the bread and butter of rappers once upon a time, today’s rap fans aren’t that concerned about who’s feuding with whom.

It’s more about style and skill than making a name for one’s self bad-mouthing someone else. Even if rap artists have feuds, at the end of the day, the feud is not what the artists are known for.

Lil Kim does not want her legacy to be the blatant jealousy and anger she feels towards Nick Minaj. She had plenty of popular music that fans would like to remember her fondly for. However, her behavior has grown embarrassing and is a poor reflection on her relevancy in the music industry.

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