5 Reasons Why Rocket Should be Your Favourite Guardian (Contains Spoilers!!!)

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Guardians of the Galaxy is currently riding high in the box office, enjoying the success it deserves and with a number of amazing characters from the Marvel world, you might think it will be difficult to pick a favourite. Well, I am here to lift that burden from your shoulders; Rocket is your new favourite.

You would be a fool to blindly follow this recommendation without a look at some of the evidence which is why you should read these 5 reasons why Rocket should be your favourite Guardian.

Beware – if you have not yet seen the film these reasons contain fairly important plot information so read on at your own risk.

1. He’s a Talking Raccoon

Created in 1976 by writer Bill Mantlo and artist Keith Giffen, Rocket is an anthropomorphic raccoon whose attitude and technical skills make him an integral member of the GOTG. Voiced by Bradley Cooper, the wise cracking raccoon’s voice draws inspiration from Tommy Devito, Joe Pesci’s psychotic character based on the real life gangster Thomas Anthony De Simone.


2. He is a Technical Genius

As well as engineering the Guardians escape from prison, Rocket also creates weaponry at incredible speed using his nimble and dextrous paws including the Hadron Enforcer. As well as being adept at creating weaponry he is also an excellent marksman.

3. He’s a Funny Guy

If this was the character his voice was based on he wouldn’t appreciate being called a funny guy but there are several laugh out loud moments during the film and none more so than Rocket’s mischievous insistence in asking for prosthetic limbs during serious plans, purely for his own amusement.

4. He is Loyal

Even though we see his bristly side on more than one occasion his friendship with Groot is particularly heart-warming. He also plays a huge part in bringing down the Dark Aster, saving his friends in the process.

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5. He has a Heart

Despite being a tough little guy we see the pain behind the character after his dispute with Drax when he briefly opens up about the experimentation that made him who he is. His grief at the loss of Groot and then his nurturing side is also evident at the end of the film.

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What do you think? Would you argue a case for any of the other Guardians? What about Gamora, Drax the Destroyer, Star Lord and Groot? I am basing this solely on the character from the film and can’t wait for the sequel already! Long live Rocket!


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