A Fan Poster for a Crisis on Infinite Earths Movie That Will Sadly Never Happen

Move over Infinity War, there’s a new crossover event in town.*

Crisis on Infinite Earths was a 12-issue limited series that ran in the mid-80s, resulting in the temporary collapse of the DC Multiverse in an attempt to unify the continuity (we chronicled DC Comics’ continuing infatuation with reboots here if you’re interested). This amazing piece of fan art (via AshsEvilHand on Reddit) promotes a movie adaptation of said storyline that will just never happen.

It features nearly every single DC Comics movie and TV show, including five different Batmen and four Supermen (Supermans?), with the TV version of Flash and the new DCEU trinity front and center.

Weirdly missing though? Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, despite the poster featuring both Keanu Reeves’ Constantine and Shaq’s Steel of all things. Aside from that, damn fine work sir. To think, in some alternate universe out there… this movie is actually happening.

*Just kidding Infinity War, you know you’re the only crossover for me. Please don’t let me down.

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