Agents of SHIELD Season 3 is Secret Warriors: What Does That Mean?

It’s official! The next season of Agents of SHIELD will be inspired by the Secret Warriors comic book series.

We’ve been speculating in that direction for a while now, but Variety recently confirmed the news, adding in the awesome looking concept image above.

So, what the heck is Secret Warriors?

Secret Warriors is a comic series that follows a covert ops team put together by Nick Fury. In a nice tie-in with events in the MCU, the team was founded after Nick Fury discovered HYDRA sleeper agents within SHIELD. The Secret Warriors were meant to be a response to that, a quasi-SHIELD organization that could fight back free of HYDRA’s influence.

All of that HYDRA business may or may not be behind us at this point (the last head was killed in Age of Ultron), but there’s definitely some important connective tissue between the comic book version of the team, and the one we’ll see in Season 3. Namely, Daisy Johnson was a major piece of the roster in that comic, both a founding┬ámember, and the leader of one of three Secret Warriors teams that Nick Fury forms (another is led by Alexander Pierce, in a weird bit of comic-movie dissonance).

Overall though, the big concept I think we’re going to see translated from the comic to the show is the idea of a SHIELD-esque team that includes superpowered individuals. In this case, Coulson and crew will be tracking down Inhumans to join the team, and Variety’s announcement mentions that they won’t be the only ones doing so..

When will Agents of SHIELD Season 3 premiere?

We’ll get to see the MCU’s Secret Warriors in action on Tuesday, September 29.

While we wait though, expect a ton of stuff out of Comic-Con next month. Not only will there be a big Marvel Television panel at the event, but “SHIELD ambassadors” will be roaming the showfloor giving out limited edition Secret Warriors pins.

secret warriors agents of shield poster

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