Ant-Man TV Spot Spoils a Huge Avengers Cameo

An international Ant-Man trailer has made its way online, and it’s spoiling what seems like a pretty big reveal in the most superfluous way possible.

Seriously, if you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click the video, don’t even look at the name of it. If you don’t care though… carry on and we’ll discuss it when you’re done watching.

Oh wow, that seemed really unnecessary. 

Right? The Falcon was in the teaser for literally less than a second, just enough time to reveal that he’s wearing the same costume from the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron, and really nothing else.

anthony mackie falcon ant-man

I’m not sure what Marvel was thinking, but hey, cat’s out of the bag now.

So how does the Falcon fit into things?

We now know for a fact that Sam Wilson is in this one, but just what he’s doing there is a bit of a mystery. According to a rumor put out by Bleeding Cool, the Falcon shows up after Scott Lang attempts to steal something to bring down Darren Cross. If that’s true, it sounds like Ant-Man is in need of some Avengers gear in order to pull of his big heist.

Even more interesting is how this might tie into Civil War though. According to Bleeding Cool again, the inclusion of the Falcon here in Ant-Man is to setup a scene in Civil War when Captain America needs someone’s help, but doesn’t want to call in Iron Man. Luckily, he now knows a guy with a suit of his own.

Sounds good to me.

paul rudd ant-man

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