Ant-Man’s Viral Promotion Begins with a News Clip Connecting it to the MCU

A short viral teaser for Ant-Man has emerged online, featuring some very

There’s obviously not a lot to dissect there (here’s hoping there will be more, and it’s not a one-off thing), but there are some interesting MCU connects that place Ant-Man in the timeline:

  • The news reporter? That’s Christine Everhart, who appeared in the first two Iron Man movies. In the original, she interviewed Tony Stark for Vanity Fair before sleeping with him. In the second, she’s interviewing Justin Hammer for the same publication, accompanying him to Monaco.
  • The news network is WHiH World News, a media organization that has appeared in The Incredible HulkIron Man 2Agents of SHIELD, and most recently, Daredevil.
  • Obviously the big story that night was the battle in Sokovia, which we saw take place in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Scott Lang’s mention at the end of the report seems to place his release from prison around the same time. So if you’re wondering when the bulk of Ant-Man takes place, there we have it.

Ant-Man is out on July 17.

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