Arrow: Here’s Who Rutina Wesley Will Be Playing in Season 4

Here’s a fun little bit of Arrow casting news.

Rutina Wesley has revealed to EW that in the upcoming season, she’ll be playing a character named Liza Warner… aka “Lady Copy.”

Who the heck is Lady Cop?

Liza Warner debuted in an 1970s anthology series called 1st Issue Special. In the issue, she was a woman who witnesses the murder of her roommates by a man in some very distinctive boots.

Years later, she becomes a police officer, stops a rape, fights off men who are trying to sexually assault her, and lectures a woman on the dangers of STDs (the 70s were a weird time for comics). Her issue ends with her wondering if she’ll ever find the man who killed her friends.

lady cop dc comics

She probably never will though, since her only other appearances were in two issues of All-New Atom, where it’s revealed she’s now the Chief of Police of Ivy Town. She is no longer called Lady Cop though, because Lady Cop is an awful name for a superhero.

How will she factor into Arrow Season 4?

In Arrow, Liza Warner is getting a pretty big overhaul, acting as a member of an anti-vigilante task force. She won’t go by Lady Cop in the show either… because again, what kind of name is that?

Arrow will return on October 7 on The CW.

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