Bandai Namco Releases Multiple Gameplay Videos for J-Stars Victory Versus

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If you’re a fan of Weekly Shonen Jump, the prospect of J-Stars Victory Versus is pretty exciting.  The last true Jump cross-over we saw was back in 2006 with Jump Ultimate Stars, and while it was fantastic, it was a 2D handheld title.  The new videos released today feature Toriko, Yamada Tarou, Johnathan Joestar, Kurokami Medaka, and Nueno Meisuke.

Nueno plays interestingly like a support character, using shields and stund to help his teammate out.

Based on the video, Yamada looks like a purely close-combat brawler.  He can also call in the frightening  “Book Store Lady” to fight alongside him.

Toriko is a brawler, who has some ranged attacks and can heal himself by consuming food in the middle of battle.

Similar to Yamada, Joestar is a close-combat fighter who can use “Hamon” to recover his special meter more quickly.

Finally, Medaka is a fighter who can attack from almost any distance, and has a mode change that makes her significantly more powerful.

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