BBC and Paramount Are Building a Theme Park, Here’s What We Know So Far

You’ll soon be able to hang out with The Doctor, Sherlock Holmes, and Captain Kirk, all in one place. Today, plans were revealed for a theme park in the UK that will feature attractions based on BBC TV shows and Paramount movies. That means everything from Sherlock and Doctor Who, to Star Trek and Transformers, combined into one massive Disneyland-esque resort. Here’s everything we know about the project so far.

1. It’s called the London Paramount Entertainment Resort.

“BBC” isn’t in the name, but don’t worry, they’re going to be a huge part of it. The park is the result of a deal struck between BBC Worldwide and Paramount Pictures, and will cost somewhere in the area of $3.14 billion dollars. That’s a pretty massive undertaking, so we can hopefully expect some big things out of this endeavor.


2. It will be located in Kent.

That’s about an hour’s drive from London, so close enough to the city to make travel convenient, but far enough away that they’ll have plenty of space to build.


3. There will be 12 major rides.

While no specific rides have been confirmed yet, The Telegraph is reporting that Doctor Who will almost certainly be a main attraction, with other BBC shows like Sherlock, Merlin, Top Gear, and In the Night Garden to be featured as well.

On Paramount’s end, Star Trek and Transformers are their two biggest franchises right now, and early park concept art also shows a Mission Impossible attraction of some kind.


4. It’s not just a theme park, it’s an entire resort.

Construction on this project will also include a monorail connecting the Ebbsfleet International Train Station with the park, as well as a 5,000-room hotel for guests to stay at.

Additionally, plans are in motion for theaters, music venues, event spaces, and even a water park.


5. It will open in 2020.

Business Insider reports that the park is aiming for a 2020 opening, with a goal of attracting some 15 million visitors over the subsequent four year.


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