Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm Entering ‘Tech Alpha’

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Blizzard has been developing their MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) for years now, finally revealing playable versions of the game at this past BlizzCon.  Fans of the company have shown lots of interest in the upcoming title, and today it was announced over on the Heroes of the Storm website that the game would seen be entering an Alpha phase.

The page explains exactly what this testing means, but to summarize some of the key points, the “Tech Alpha” is being implemented to test the hardware involved in supporting a large community of players.  In order to have a chance at this, all players interested need to make sure they check the Heroes of the Storm box under the beta testing on their accounts.  At this time, only a small number of people will be invited, and the game will likely have multiple bugs, and will change in numerous ways as it gets closer to launch.

Players who currently have access to the title are not allowed to discuss the game because of the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), but when the Tech Alpha rolls out, be ready to see more news and streams of Heroes of the Storm.

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