‘Captain Marvel’ Movie Taps ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Guardians’ Writers to Pen Script

We have yet to see a true female superhero hit the big screen, but the time is coming. Sure, Scarlett Johansson has done a great job kicking ass as Black Widow in Marvel’s films but she’s not a leading character.

It’s promising that Marvel has decided to move forward with a movie about Captain Marvel. It appears that Nicole Perlman — co-writer for Guardians of the Galaxy — and Meg LeFauve — co-writer for Pixar’s Inside Out — are in talks to pen the script. This is a big deal considering it will be Marvel’s first movie with a female lead.

News about a Captain Marvel film bubbled to the surface during the studio’s October announcement, where they revealed their entire timeline for the next few years.

At this point in time, there’s no director signed-on to the project but the studio is on the lookout for a heroine to play Marvel. Things are pretty slow in terms of progression, since the studio began making waves in December. We probably won’t see any more news about the project for some time.

Who Is Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel putting on the gloves

In case you’re not familiar with the star-studded heroine she has many similarities to Captain America, but make no mistake about it she is her own woman — especially since she can fly!

Marvel’s real name is Carol Danvers, and she spends her time shooting through the skies as an air force pilot until something goes awry. In the original timeline, Danvers has her DNA meshed with that of an alien during an unfortunate accident. The change allows her to develop a few powers including superhuman strength, energy projection and flight. Like Superman, she can fly right into space if she wants.

When Captain Marvel first appeared in the 70’s, her comic was given the following tagline: “This female fights back!”

It will be interesting to see how LeFauve and Perlman adapt the storyline for the big screen. As you can see, some of the tropes behind her origin are a bit, well, used up. It would be nice to see a fresh origin for the studio’s first big-screen heroine.

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