Community Is Over for Now, So Where Did Greendale’s Finest End Up?

Six seasons? Check. 

With 110 episodes under its belt Community has built up quite a cast of characters over the years, and not all of them got as heartfelt a send-off as the study group did in the Season 6 finale (including more than a few who straight-up disappeared in between Seasons 5 and 6).

So with the possibility of a movie on the horizon, where did that finale leave everyone?

The Study Group

Jeff Winger

jeff winger community

Jeff started out as a student at Greendale, after being forced to go back to school to get a “real” bachelor’s degree. He graduated at the end of Season 4, and went on to start his own law firm. That didn’t last long, and Jeff was soon forced to take a teaching position at Greendale, which he held through the end of Season 6. The last we saw of him, he was having drinks with Britta, Chang, Frankie, and the Dean.

Britta Perry

Britta is another of the original study group members to remain at Greendale at the end of the season. Although she graduated at the end of Season 4 (becoming a bartender), she re-enrolled in classes after Jeff became a professor. Britta continues her bartending gig through the end of the sixth season, although it’s not clear if she’s still taking classes, or is just hanging around Greendale.

Abed Nadir

You’d think that Abed would be the last character who’d want to leave Greendale, but alas, the end of Season 6 sees him moving out west to Los Angeles. He’s been hired as a PA on a Fox show set in a video game studio (“it’s like 30 Rock meets IT Crowd“). He’s last seen being dropped off at the airport.

Annie Edison

After graduating in Season 4, Annie returns to Greendale with the rest of the study group when Jeff becomes a professor. She decides to study Criminology, which leads her to an internship with the FBI. The end of Season 6 sees her heading off to Washington, DC.

Shirley Bennett

Shirley Bennett Community

Shirley Bennett enrolled in Greendale to help her baked goods business, which eventually became a restaurant called Shirley’s Sandwiches. She later left Colorado to care for her ill father in Atlanta, Georgia. At some point, she also took a job as a personal cook to a paraplegic detective (almost as good of a spin-off idea as Inspector Spacetime).

Pierce Hawthorne

Pierce Hawthorne

After 13 years of school, Pierce finally decides to graduate from Greendale in Season 4. He doesn’t show up for the reunion in Season 5, and we later find out that it’s because he died from dehydration after trying to fill up several canisters with his sperm. He bequeaths the majority of his fortune to Troy, and is last seen in hologram form, announcing a new gender sensitivity museum on campus.

Troy Barnes

troy community

After Pierce’s death, his will revealed that he had left over $14 million to Troy… on the condition that Troy sail around the entire world, something Pierce was never able to accomplish. Troy accepts the challenge (much to Abed’s horror), and embarks on the voyage with none other than LeVar Burton. We later find out that the two were captured by pirates off the Gulf of Mexico (which sounds like one hell of a plot for a movie if I ever heard one…).

Ben Chang

Ben Chang Community

Ben Chang was originally the Spanish teacher at Greendale, until it was discovered that he didn’t actually have any teaching credentials. He later enrolled at the school as a student, before getting divorced, living in the ventilation system, becoming a security guard, taking over the school, getting amnesia, going to prison, becoming a teacher again, and throwing away a lucrative career as an actor (it’s been quite a journey). After coming out as gay to the study group, he’s last seen having drinks with the Jeff, Britta, Frankie, and the Dean.


The Faculty

Craig “The Dean” Pelton

the dean community

Against all odds, Dean somehow managed to hold onto his job for six seasons, and is last seen having drinks with (what’s left) of the study group.

Frankie Dart

Frankie Dart Community

Frankie is a consultant hired to save Greendale (again) in Season 6. Over the course of the season, she becomes a trusted member of the study group, and will likely remained employed at the school considering she is the only thing keeping it from falling apart. She is last seen having drinks with Jeff, Chang, and the Dean.

Dr. Ian Duncan

Ian Duncan Community

Greendale’s psychology professor was mysteriously absent during Season 6. That’s not too surprising though, given he’s prone to disappearing for no reason (Troy straight up asks why no one has seen him in Season 4). He’s last seen celebrating with the Save Greendale Committee after helping to block a Subway takeover of the school.

Michelle Slater

michelle slater community

The statistics professor at Greendale had a big role in the show’s first season, but was never seen from again after her relationship with Jeff ends. She’s referenced again in Season 2 though on Troy and Abed’s news show when a ticker reads “Professor Slater still missing…”

michelle slater community missing

She gets name-dropped one more time in Season 6, when Chang mistakes Frankie for her.

Buzz Hickey

buzz hickey community

Jonathan Banks surly, vaguely threatening teacher/Breaking Bad crossover was last seen in Season 5, helping to save the school from a hostile Subway takeover. He doesn’t return for Season 6, but his name does appear in a brief easter egg. In the episode where Greendale’s network is hacked, one of the Lunchlady’s emails has the subject line: “Buzz Hickey Memorial Services.”

buzz hickey memorial services community

That seems to imply that either Buzz died, or has started his own funeral company. I’m hoping for the latter, because who wouldn’t want Jonathan Banks to show up again?

Sean Garrity

Sean Garrity Community

The school’s drama instructor is seen teaching a number of courses at Greendale, including “The Actor Inside” in Season 2, and “Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad?” in Season 5. Presumably, he’s still around and employed at Greendale.

June Bauer

june bauer community

Greendale’s anthropology professor was fired, and was last seen discussing Inception with tribesmen in Mimpousa, Congo.

Eustice Whitman

eustice whitman

This Greendale professor taught everything from accounting to debate, but hasn’t been seen since the Tranny Dance in Season 1. Nothing there indicated that he was leaving his job though.

Marshall Kane

marshal kane

A former convict turned Biology professor, Kane resigns his position after Star-Burns (seemingly) dies in a car accident, and hasn’t appeared on the show since.

Robert Laybourne

Robert Laybourne Community

The vice dean of Greendale and head of the air conditioning annex, he takes Troy under his wing before dying in a freon-related accident (which later turns out to be murder). He later appears as a ghost to inspire Troy to do the right thing.


The Students

Elroy Patashnik

Elroy Patashnik Community

The newest member of the study group, Elroy was originally a failed inventor who sold a virtual reality setup to the Dean. He later enrolled in classes at Greendale in an attempt to turn his life around. That seems to work, and he gets a job at LinkedIn in the season finale, tasked with figuring out why no one uses LinkedIn.

Alex “Star-Burns” Osbourne

Star Burns Community

Star-Burns was of the most recurring non-Study Group characters at Greendale, until he was killed when the meth lab in his car exploded. We later find out he faked his death though, and appeared again in a few episodes of Season 5. He’s last seen participating in the Season 6 paintball game, and is presumably still a student.

Leonard Briggs

Leonard Community

Leonard is the oldest student of Greendale (even older than Pierce), and later changed his last name to “Rodriguez” to win the Hispanic vote in the Greendale Student Elections. He’s apparently been a student at Greendale for over 50 years, before it was even a community college. He’s last seen cast in a small role in Abed’s film, Raiders of the Galaxy.

Vaughn Miller

Vaughn Miller Community

The often shirtless ex-boyfriend of Annie moved out of state to transfer to another school, and has not been seen from since.

Rich Stephenson

Rich Stephenson Community

Greendale’s resident pottery expert is last seen giving some life advice to Jeff. He presumably graduated and went on to have a great life. What a swell fella.


Neil Community

Neil, formerly Fat Neil and later Real Neil, is last seen attending the comedy show of Gupti Gupta Gupti.


vicki community

Vicki is last seen putting on a one-woman-show: “Veni Vidi Vicki.”


Magnitude Community

Pop pop! Magnitude was last seen as an extra in Abed’s movie, Raiders of the Galaxy.

Garrett Lambert

Garrett Lambert Community

Garret gets plenty of screentime in Season 6, for all the wrong reasons. He plays a CGI creature in Abed’s sci-fi movie, before accidentally marrying his cousin, although the two eventually decide to stay together. So, it’s a happy ending I guess?

Todd Jacobson

todd jacobson

Todd is an Iraq War veteran who enrolled in Greendale to fulfill a promise to his deceased father. Despite this heavy backstory, he’s probably the chillest character on the show. He’s still a student as of Season 6, and participates in the paintball game, and attends Garret’s wedding. An imaginary version of him also appears in one Jeff’s Season 7 fantasies.


rachel community

Abed’s mostly off-screen girlfriend makes pretty infrequent appearances on the show. She last shows up in Season 5, where it’s confirmed that the two are still together. In Season 6, Abed explains that she’s never around because of her busy film career. Hopefully Abed’s move doesn’t mess with that.

Special Mention: Annie’s Boobs

Where did that little monkey go? We last saw him (in the flesh) in Season 3, helping Troy to reawaken his imagination. He appears again in Season 4, but only in flashbacks. As far as we know, Annie’s Boobs are still living in the ventilation system of Greendale.

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