Curiosity Celebrates Its Martian Anniversary with a Selfie

Today (June 24) marks Curiosity’s one year anniversary on Mars; that is, it’s one year anniversary in Martian years (687 Earth days). To celebrate the occasion, the rover took a series of photos of itself, which NASA has stitched together into a charming little robotic selfie.


Since arriving in August 2012, Curiosity has traveled 4.9 miles across the surface of Mars. So far, it’s studied soil samples (finding the basic ingredients for life in Yellowknife Bay), radiation levels, and the evolution of the planet’s conditions.

Curiosity’s planned course will take it another 2.4 miles, heading towards a landmark known as Mount Sharp.


“At Mount Sharp, the mission team will seek evidence not only of habitability, but also of how environments evolved and what conditions favored preservation of clues to whether life existed there,” NASA wrote in a press release.

Keep up the good work little guy.

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