Daredevil Will Appear On Jessica Jones

A crossover was inevitable, but how soon will we see it?

With Jessica Jones making its premiere in a few short days on the heels of some fantastic buzz, everyone is anticipating its entrance into the new Marvel canon. But a big question being flung is “How will it fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?”

Well, thus far the Netflix shows seem to only acknowledge the greater MCU on surface level such as the occasional vague reference to a film, event, or character in dialogue. This was expected to continue with Jessica Jones, but due to the fact she’s going to eventually be part of The Defenders… it seems like we’re going to get most of our references and crossovers will be within the Netflix shows themselves.

That first of which appears to be Daredevil, or rather Matt Murdock, appearing in Jessica Jones.

How do we know Matt Murdock will make an appearance?

Well, call it more of rumor at this point. Jon Schnepp of Collider said on their podcast that Matt Murdock will show up:

“You’re definitely gonna see Matt Murdock in Jessica Jones. That’s a fact. He’s in it. I don’t know how they interact, but he’s in the series.”

So, take that for what you will but we think it’s very likely that we’ll see Matt Murdock at one point or another.

So, assuming Matt Murdock is in how would he be used?

Well, Jessica Jones is a private eye doing work for her clients. Sometimes, we imagine her clients could end up in police custody. In fact, we saw Jones taking an interest in one such person in the trailer.

In the event that one of her clients, or even Jones herself, gets into trouble with the law… there just so happens to be a certain legal firm that specializes on helping the down-on-their-luck types: Nelson and Murdock.

You think Matt Murdock is Jessica Jones’ lawyer?

Well, not on a consistent basis, but we think in at least one episode Jones will have to turn to the services of Nelson and Murdock in order to solve a particular problem, which will get Jones on Murdock’s radar.

It make sense. After the events of Daredevil season 1 we’re betting Nelson and Murdock has a certain trustworthy reputation. If Jones doesn’t seek them out on her own, we can see someone recommending them to her.

Do you think Daredevil will show up?

Perhaps, but that might be a bit much. After all, this is Jessica’s story. Suddenly giving her help from Daredevil on anything more than a side plotline would take away from her agency. Let that moment happen when everyone decides to team up for The Defenders.

Could Jessica Jones show up in Daredevil season 2?

We don’t know, but we wouldn’t be surprised if she made an appearance.

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