Deadpool Movie FAQ – Everything We Know So Far

Hey! Reader. Are you excited for the Deadpool movie yet? You aren’t? You’re confused because you don’t know anything about it? Then look no further! All your questions will be answered here!

With the totally-not-happening-until-the-fans-loved-the-test-footage-so-now-we’re-going-to-cash-in nature of the Deadpool movie, it’s forgivable if you’re completely confused as to what exactly this movie is going to entail. For your convenience, we’ve gathered as many answers as we could here in one spot.

First things first; this isn’t the same Deadpool we got in X-Men Origins, is it?

See this guy? This is not Deadpool. Where’s my chimichangas? DEADPOOL DOESN’T ROLL LIKE THAT!


Uhh, no. Ryan Reynolds himself has confirmed that the Wade Wilson you see in the Deadpool movie will have no relations, similarities or characteristics in common with the Weapon XI-WTF version that was regrettably shown in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Reynolds campaigned tirelessly for years to get this project green lit, so you can bet that anyone wanting to “reimagine” anything about the Deadpool movie is going to have to go through him now that the oft-rumored film is finally getting made.

What’s the plot of the movie?

Are you reading my picture caption because it's clever? Or because I'm so sexy?
Are you reading my picture caption because it’s clever? Or is it because I’m so sexy.

The Deadpool movie will explain the origins of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary. A rogue experiment leaves him with an accelerated healing factor and an unstable personality, leading him to adopt the persona of Deadpool.

From there, Deadpool will be on a quest to hunt down the man who nearly destroyed his life.

Who has been cast in the film so far?

Eat lead, suckas! Pew! Pew! Pew!


The principle cast, as of this writing, is as follows:

Will Deadpool have his trademark personality quirks?

You didn't really expect me to only be in one picture of this article, did you?
You didn’t really expect me to only be in one picture in this article, did you?

Well, we already reported previously that the Deadpool movie is, in fact, getting an R rating. That ensures that we’ll get the violence and profanity quotient necessary to pull off a proper Deadpool movie.

On top of that, Ryan Reynolds has stated that Deadpool will absolutely be breaking the hell out of the 4th wall in the movie, which is thrilling to hear given that it’s one of his most unique and entertaining character traits.

And chimichangas. There will be plenty of those as well.

Will the Deadpool movie be a part of the X-Men Cinematic Universe?

Not gonna lie, I kinda got off on this. Also, the name of this picture is "Deadpool-Pwns-Wolverine". #Winning
Not gonna lie, beating up Wolverine turns me on. Also, the name of this picture is “Deadpool-Pwns-Wolverine.” #Winning

Yes! Producer Simon Kinberg has already stated that Deadpool is going to take place in the same cinematic universe as the X-Men, which makes a lot of sense given Deadpool’s shared history with Xavier’s mutants. On the topic of Deadpool existing in the same space as the X-Men, Kinberg had this to say:

“There’s definitely a sort of overall plan that we’ve all been talking about for the X-Men universe now, and Deadpool obviously fits into that. So yeah, I guess I would say it’s part of certainly an overall timeline and thought process that goes into these films.”

Also, that rumor of a Wolverine cameo is a far greater possibility because of this.



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