Delicious: Pikachu Cafe to Open in Japan

Japan loves its Pokemon. Scratch that. Japan looooovvvves its Pokemon. This weekend in Tokyo, that trend intensifies with the opening of an official “Pikachu Cafe” that will serve a menu of Poke-inspired food and drinks.

Entrees at the limited-time restaurant will include food like Pikachu-shaped burgers (pictured above), ¬†curry with Pikachu’s disembodied head floating in it, and parfait’s with what looks like Pikachu being slowly liquefied in the middle of it (no word yet if it whispers ‘kill me…..’ as you eat it).

Check out all the lovely concoctions below. The restaurant opens this Saturday in Roppongi Hills.

 pikadesert-23683 pikacurrybun-23682 pokeball-curry-23681 pikaparfait-23680 pikacurry-23679


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