How to Get All 6 Endings for The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo

The fantastic horror Twine game the uncle who works for nintendo has five official endings, and secret sixth ending that can be unlocked through multiple playthroughs. Here’s how to see them all (spoilers obviously).

Ending 1. Undefined Error

When the uncle arrives, meet him at the door.

Ending 2. Run

When the uncle arrives, don’t meet him at the door and hide in the bathroom instead.

Ending 3. Exit

You need to leave before 11 o’clock. Call your mom and go home.

Ending 4. All Unsaved Data Will Be Lost

Remember your friend’s Mew, and make sure to click on the red text to remember the storm, and the fact that your friend used to live next door to you. Then, talk to your friend about games, and if the option comes up, be supportive and tell him that you should have stood up for him.

Next, ask about your friend’s uncle, then continue to question him until he gets angry. Don’t hit him back. Talk to your friend about the storm, which will cause him to realize that you also remember the storm. This will cause him to open up and admit the truth about his uncle.

Either hit him or tell him you’re going home. Call your mom, beg her to send the sitter, and leave.

When you return to the house, to get ending 4, you need to NOT pick up the Game Boy.

Ending 5. Do You Want to Continue?

Ending 5 is unlocked the same way you got ending 4, but with you choosing to take the Game Boy at the end.

Ending 6. New Game

The “secret” ending, but also arguably the “true” ending of the game. To unlock this ending, you need to have unlocked at least Ending 5 already.

When the uncle arrives, you will now be able to enter the kitchen, even though you weren’t allowed to before (choose Do It Anyways).

From here, you will need to support and guide your friend. Make sure to remind him that he is not alone, and that you are his friend. If everything goes right, you will end up with one heck of an ending.

Bonus Easter Eggs

  • If you complete ending 5, during your next playthrough you will be able to enter the kitchen earlier in the night to discover your friend’s parents. This unlocks a few new dialogue options.
  • If you chose a girl’s name for your friend, it will unlock a few new dialogue sequences about how “girls don’t play video games,” including one about her brother.

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  1. Seeing his/her parents in the dining room can happen on any run through I have only the first 3 endings and have been able to see them, you just have to go in the kitchen at 7pm

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