Destiny: The Eververse Trading Company Has Arrived

Tess Everis has returned to the Tower with a permanent storefront.

What is she selling?

Her shop, the Eververse Trading Company, is Destiny‘s first foray into microtransactions. Currently, she’s selling 18 new emotes, which you buy with a new currency called “Silver.” At the moment, the only way to obtain Silver is with real-world money (although Bungie has deposited 400 Silver into every account so you can try it out). More cosmetic items are expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Microtransactions? Is this really a good idea?

Bungie has promised that Tess will only sell items that don’t impact actual gameplay; things like shaders, ships, and the like. You’ll never be at a disadvantage in Vanguard missions or the Crucible because you didn’t pony up Silver.

And on the plus side, the Eververse Trading Company will supposedly benefit everyone, as it will support the next few months of free updates. So even if you have no interest in having your Guardian dancing the Carlton, you’ll still be getting something out of this arrangement.

carlton destiny

Okay, so what can I buy and how much will it cost me?

At the moment, you can buy 18 new emotes. Each is sold individually. The “rares” are priced at 200 Silver, while the “legendaries” are priced at 500. That means everyone has enough Silver to try out two emotes, but not the two legendary ones.

In terms of Silver pricing, you can purchase it in packs of 500 for $5, 1,100 for $10, or 2,300 for $20.

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