Destiny’s Iron Banner Crucible Event Explained: How to Earn the New Gear

Update: This guide is for the first Iron Banner event. For the second one (November 18-24), please see this guide instead.

As the Queen’s Wrath event draws to a close tonight, it’s time to turn our attention to the next Destiny event: The Iron Banner. The Iron Banner is a one-week Crucible event that’s taking the kid gloves off for PvP, removing all of the level balancing and allowing Guardians to compete with all of their abilities and upgraded stats.

So what is the Iron Banner?

The Iron Banner is a new Crucible playlist that will be available from October 7 through October 14. In these matches, there is no level balancing, so the power ratings on your weapons and armor will have a huge effect on how well you perform.


So what’s new?

The event will also see the arrival of Lord Saladin to the Tower. Saladin is an NPC vendor with a selection of new shaders, emblems, ships, and badass weapons and armor. Just like the Queen’s Emissary from the previous event, these items are purchased using Glimmer, and unlocked with a high enough reputation level (a new Iron Banner rank in this case).


How do I get started?

See Lord Saladin. If he’s in the same spot he was in during the beta this past summer, he’ll be in the Tower opposite the landing zone.

Who the heck is Lord Saladin anyways?

This guy:


If you care about the lore at all, Saladin is a Titan who led the City’s defense during the Battle for the Twilight Gap. He’s now the leader of the Iron Banner faction. Lord Shaxx and Commander Zavala, the Crucible vendors in the tower, are two of his students.

How do I improve my Iron Banner rank?

You can increase your rank by completing new Iron Banner bounties, which are available from the usual guy, Xander 99-40.


If you don’t want to complete bounties, winning matches will also boost your Iron Banner reputation level. Losing matches will not though, how sad. : (

Finally, just like the Queen’s Wrath event, equipping the event shader, emblem, and class item will net you bonus reputation for bounties and wins (the shader and emblem are available at reputation level 1, while the class item is available at level 2).

What new equipment will be available?

A fat new ship, some new guns, and an exclusive Iron Banner-themed armor set for each class!





If you’re looking to get a head start before tomorrow, check out our 9 tips for kicking ass in the Iron Banner. See you in the Crucible Guardians!

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