Doctor Who – What Is Missy’s Clever Idea In “The Witch’s Familiar?”

Anyone who watched that episode has got to be curious.


On the most recent episode of Doctor Who, the Doctor and Davros engaged in a battle of wits and manipulation on Skaro. If you saw the episode, Davros manages to “trick” the Doctor into giving up regeneration energy to the Daleks in an attempt to create Time Lord/Dalek hybrids that he believes will fulfill a prophecy about a warrior coming together with the Daleks. Of course, the Doctor managed to turn the tables on Davros right after Missy comes and saves him.


As they escaped, Missy and the Doctor come across Clara stuck inside Dalek armor. Missy tries to convince the Doctor to kill Clara, who is unable to tell him her true identity. The Doctor figures it out, of course, and tells Missy to get the heck out of his sight.

As the Doctor and Clara make their escape thanks to a rather awesome pair of sunglasses, Missy is surrounded by Daleks. Before we cut away from her, she tells them, “You know what, I just had a very clever idea.”

So… what is Missy’s clever idea?

Well, let’s not forget that Missy is just the latest regeneration of the Master, who in Series 3 used a technologically augmented version of the future human race to enslave Earth… not to mention built up her own army of Cybermen. So, she’s had repeated experience with using cybernetic creatures/races to advance her own goals. So, at this point it’s pretty obvious we’ll be dealing with some form of a Missy/Dalek alliance by the end of the season.

Second, Missy had a comment about hybrids to the Doctor as she ran away from him which indicated that she in fact heard Davros reciting the hybrid prophecy.


So… will Missy become a Dalek?

We think it’s very possible that might happen… or at least something along those lines. After all, we’ve established that Davros is dying at the beginning of this season (despite the fact it really looked like he bought it in “Journey’s End,” but death is hardly permanent in Doctor Who). In part of the episode, the Doctor is tempted with having control of the Dalek’s so he may bend them to his will… so we have to ask…

… what if Missy becomes the new leader of the Daleks?

In a way, it seems like a match made in heaven. Even though Missy seems to be the Doctor’s biggest fan, he’s rebuffed her at every turn despite the fact he still regards her as a friend. We imagine she’s a little upset with all the rejection… so in true Moffat fashion she comes back with total disaster at the head of a Dalek army.

Speaking of which, when exactly did the Daleks stop being an endangered species? Is it when Davros cloned them back or in series 5? That one is always difficult to pin down.


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  1. Oh, I thought it was a reference to the story of how the Doctor escaped from all those invisible assassins using only a sonic screwdriver and a depleted vortex manipulator. This escape was declared ‘clever’ and, since Missy was about to be shot by Daleks, she was going to do the same thing with her vortex manipulator.

    Missy coming back as a Dalek would be a bit too “Curse of the Fatal Death.”

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