Don’t Game Too Loudly at Night in Japan, You Might Get Stabbed

There’s nothing quite like the experience of racing over to your friend’s house to engage in some good old fashioned video gaming.

You know the feeling, right? Your buddy just threw down money on the Wii U and he’s invited you over to wreak some havoc in Hyrule Warriors. What could be more exciting than that?

Well, for one young man living in Japan, the price for being a loud and unruly gaming teenager was being stabbed.

So, what really happened?


The incident took place in Gifu, Japan. A young man had taken to his friend’s home late at night to play video games. The teens were allegedly making too much noise and had disturbed a neighbor. Older, less expensive houses in Japan are known for having much thinner walls and, at some point, that noise bled through.

How old was the young man who got stabbed?

The victim, who was thankfully not seriously injured, was 16-years-old.

So, who attacked him?

The perpetrator was 38-year-old Shigetaka Ishimoto, who apparently barged into the home at around 2:30 AM while the teenagers were playing video games. Ishimoto then located a knife at the scene and attacked the 16-year-old, who suffered a minor head injury.

Did the cops get the guy?


Yes, they did. Ishimoto was arrested for the attack but denied using a knife to inflict the injury. Ishimoto had allegedly warned the teens previously to keep the noise down and that he didn’t want them playing video games at night. The night of the incident, Ishimoto had apparently warned the teens again and appeared to be intoxicated.




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