Star Wars Battlefront Won’t be Adding Prequel or TFA Content

So far, Star Wars Battlefront has only included content inspired by the Original Trilogy time period, and from the sound of it, that’s not going to change.

According to EA’s Blake Jorgensen, don’t hold your breath for any battle droids or First Order stormtroopers, as this edition of Battlefront will be keeping it 100% OT.

But why?

According to EA, it’s because of Disney’s policy of protecting the new canon across every medium.

“You can’t make a game in Star Wars that violates the canon of Star Wars,” Jorgensen said during a quarterly earnings call yesterday, adding that since the tech and locations in Battlefront are specifically OT, it would technically violate canon to have prequel or Force Awakens things mixed in.


Doesn’t Battlefront already violate canon?

Sort of. While everything portrayed in the game is canon-accurate, it’s obviously filtered through a competitive multiplayer shooter. For example, while things like jump pack tech did exist at that time, battles in that era were typically not filled with soldiers rocketing about firing bowcasrters at each other, as an average match of Battlefront might have you believe.

More importantly though, Battlefront has already strayed a ways from the Original Trilogy with the Battle of Jakku DLC. That particular engagement did not happen until sometime after Return of the Jedi, and while it’s still decades away from TFA-era stuff, it’s still not OT.

So perhaps it’s not the most consistent of policies, but regardless, it sounds like we can count on not seeing any PT or TFA-inspired content until Battlefront 2.


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