E3 2015: Battleborn is the Expansive Follow-Up to Borderlands You’ve Been Waiting For

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At this year’s E3, the good folks at 2K had quite a few games on display including, but not limited to, X-Com 2, an expansion to Civilization: Beyond Earth, and a new IP, Battleborn.

What the heck is Battleborn?

Battleborn is an upcoming FPS from Gearbox software, published by 2K Games. Gearbox is the same company that made the highly successful (and popular) Borderlands series, and Battleborn is being developed by the same team that made those games. Check out this E3 trailer:

So is it like Borderlands?

Mm, well yes and no. it feels very similar, but plays very differently. The game has a similar sense of humor, and some of the characters play like a standard FPS game, and those characters certainly feel like Borderlands characters, but some of the other characters play very differently.

It’s obvious that the creators are trying something new, but it also still feels like the kind of game that the people who made Borderlands might make. Except it’s a bit more helpful to think of it like an FPS MOBA rather than a class-based shooter, since there will be 25 characters at launch.

Woah, 25 characters?

Yeah, that was my reaction at first, too. But as far as I can tell, they all play pretty differently (hence why I advise you to think of them more like heroes in a MOBA), and each one will have their own unique backstory. Actually, there seems to be quite a bit of lore built into the game already.

See, the game takes place in a universe that is ending, and you play as some of the only remaining people left in the universe who are fighting over the last solar system surrounding the last star in the universe. Depending on the game mode, you’ll either be fighting alongside up to four other allies, or by yourself, to save the worlds, or you’ll be fighting another team of five for control.

Besides their own personal backstory, each character also belongs to one of about five different organizations that influence their characterization as well. These organizations include the LLC, who appear to be tech-based, Jennerit, who have a robot/vampire kind of aesthetic going on, Eldrid, who are basically the magic users of the game, Rogue, who appear to be magic-using assassins, and Peacekeepers, who are the lawman of this universe.

Sounds like a lot of world-building…

It is, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. This is all information on just the ten characters they’ve announced so far – with at least fifteen more coming before release. And each of these characters really feels unique and different, too. I mean, there’s a robot vampire, a guy who’s a sentient mushroom, and a four armed mage assassin. There’s a lot of variety, is what I’m saying.

Quite a bit of which they seem to be keeping pretty close to their chest, so far now you’ll just have to trust me that at it’s core, this game is really pretty fun. Expect it to be a great get-the-friends-together-and-play kind of game when it hits shelves later this year. And expect the lore of this game to really open up once it does, too.

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  1. Well done, Mr. Overstreet. The disclaimer said this was a community generated article, so I’ll assume you aren’t a professional, but you have a good, readable style. A little more practice with wordsmithing would help, but it’s s minor quibble that shouldn’t detract. Most non-professional (and professional, for that matter) game “journalism” is unreadable, this was not.

    And I’m so looking forward to the release of this game…..

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