E3 2015: Microsoft Launching Xbox Game Preview, Elite Dangerous and The Long Dark Available Today

Like Steam Early Access? Well, you’re essentially getting it on your Xbox One.

What is Xbox Game Preview?

It’s a system where you get to buy and play a selection of games in active development. So, you pay for it while it’s still being made and get to play it as it comes along.

So, yeah. It’s Steam Early Access.

Basically, yes. For better or for worse. As you probably know, people have mixed feelings regarding that program.

Speaking of mixed feelings… how do they plan on making sure developers finish their games?

We’re not sure, but one measure they’re taking is that every game will have a free trial period. It also seems like they’re being very selective with their games, only letting the cream of the crop on to ensure things don’t get to muddy with shovelware.

What games will be available?

The four games announced are:

  • The Long Dark
  • Shelter
  • Elite Dangerous
  • DayZ.

Oh wow, when can I get these?

Elite Dangerous and The Long Dark will be available this afternoon on Live. As for the other two, we’re not entirely sure.

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