Telltale Is Making a Marvel Game and It Will Launch in 2017

Telltale Games quietly announced they have partnered up with Marvel Entertainment to develop a game. If you don’t know Telltale by name, you should.

Whatever this game is, it’s expected to launch in 2017.

What Are Telltale’s Other Games About?

The Telltale games collection

Telltale is responsible for episodic games like The Walking Dead, Jurassic Park, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands (a Borderlands series spinoff) and more recently Game of Thrones.

All of Telltale’s titles are akin to point-and-click, adventure-style games like Grim Fandango or Monkey Island. Telltale’s games employ a mixture of modern mechanics and visuals. In addition, players can carry their save data from episode to episode, with decisions and actions affecting the overall story arc.

Personally, my favorite of the bunch is The Wolf Among Us, it really surprised me when I gave it a try and I ended up powering through all five episodes in season one.

What Will the Marvel Game Be About?

Marvel and Telltale games

It’s not unreasonable to assume that Telltale’s Marvel game will be episodic, and that it might include a variety characters from the universe. As for what the plot will involve, there’s simply no way of knowing at this point. If their previous games are any indication, it should end up being pretty good.

Have you played Telltale’s other games? Are you excited about this news?

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