EA Will Model Future Star Wars Games on WB’s Arkham Series

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EA has revealed that it plans on modeling its upcoming slate of Star Wars games, a license the studio has exclusive access to, after how Warner Bros. handled the Batman: Arkham series.

“What Warner Bros. did with Batman was take the core roots of that IP and manifest that inside the walls of Gotham City and delivered an interactive experience that had real ties to what you would see in the films and what you had read in the comics, while having its own life because it could provide such deep and more immersive storylines,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said in an interview with Fortune Tech. “When we look at the Star Wars properties that’s how we’re looking at it. We’re not trying to build a game that replicates the storyline of any particular film.”

Considering the general inconsistency in quality of the later LucasArts Star Wars games, that might be good news. On the other hand, this is EA, so take these words with a grain of salt.

EA acquired the exclusive AAA rights to Star Wars in May of last year, an agreement which will last for at least a decade. In the works is a DICE-led Battlefront game, with multiple other projects being developed by EA Canada and Visceral.

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