EA’s New IP Unraveled Takes a New Spin on Epic Yarn

In the EA conference this Monday, EA announced a new IP, titled Unraveled, aiming to present a heartwarming story with minimalistic gameplay.

What is Unraveled?

The creative director who presented the game said he came up with the idea for Unraveled when he was vacationing on the countryside. With limited resources, he decided to act out the gameplay, bringing the protagonist, Yarny (at least, we think his name is Yarny), to life.

What is Yarny, and what does he do?

Yarny is an undeniably adorable yarn puppet that leaves thread as he progresses through the level. The creative director said the thread was symbolic of love and the ties that bring us together, and you go through the level tying odd ends together with the trail of yarn Yarning leaves.

The game is most definitely a platformer in the style of Little Big Planet combined with the aesthetic of any of the epic yarn games. The game provides a tender tone, using your thread to tie people together. At times, the common thread even gets tangled, presenting what one can assume are twists.

Screenshot 2015-06-15 14.22.17

This is a noticeably tranquil change from EA’s traditional catalog of more action-focused games, and we’re all looking forward to it.



  1. The name of the game is Unravel, not UnravelED. I mean it says so right there on the header image for goodness sake! Please fix it.

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